Branding your Business with Digital Photography

Business Tips for Digital Photography

Branding your Business with Digital Photography

How уоu branding your business sets the tone for everything уоu do afterwards: How уоu advertise, how уоu handle your customers… even the appearance of your business and its products. That’s because your brand is the personality and identity of your organization and everything reflects that identity… your logo, your advertising, your storefront. Think Apple computers: anytime уоu walk into an Apple store, the facility, its employees, the window displays… everything says “we are cool, we are creative, we are on the cutting edge. “Go to any Cracker Barrel restaurant and everything says” “we are homey, we’re country, and we serve grits.” This allows the customer to connect on a personal level.

The point of branding is to offer customers a distinct choice. If уоu hate country home cooking уоu stay away from Cracker Barrel. If уоu love fried catfish уоu know you are in the right place.

Good branding doesn’t try to please everyone, it let’s people know clearly what уоu are. Then buyers makes the right choice.

One of the best ways to convey the feeling of your brand is by photography. Photos are able to project mood and values where words would fall short or seem contrived. Just like packaging design invokes “high-tech” or “elegant” or “intimate” a good product photo lets someone know this item was made specifically for him or her. Miss the mark, or show the product in a poor light (or cheapened) and suddenly the customer has corrupted all interest.

In many cases, companies also like to put a face on the business; for example Dave Thomas with Wendy’s, or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Or Steve Jobs of Apple. And it is no accident that in all these instance the business leaders are portrayed in a consistent way that is congruent with their corporate culture. If this is the case with your company, a personal portrait should be shot with the same care уоu would give in creating a logo or advertising headline.

Whether уоu are planning a shoot for your advertising, collateral material, or web promotion, think about the right look for your company. And the right message for your customers. Good advertising images build relationships and confidence. They should be visually pathetic, yes. But they should appeal in a way that works for you! Ask yourself “What are the qualities my customers seek?’ When photographing the people in your company consider: “What kind of look and exposure will my customers relate to?” How should they dress? Leave nothing to chance and your photographs will tell a cohesive and powerful story.