Best Point and Shoot camera under $500 (Sony Camera)

Sony is known for their exceptional quality and build when is comes to their cameras, and the RX100/B and HX90V line is definitely no exception.

Best Point And Shoot Camera Sony RX100/B

Best Point and Shoot camera Sony RX100/B. Sony is known for their exceptional quality and build when is comes to their cameras, and the RX100/B line is definitely no exception. This 20.2 megapixel masterpiece of a camera exhibits its most exciting and most impressive feature in its sensor, but more importantly the size of it. The sensor size ultimately decides how much light a camera takes in to produce an image, hence a bigger sensor a better image. The more research I did the more I found how important the sensor size in a camera truly is. Once I found this out I started looking at all of the other cameras I was considering buying and not one of them contained a 1″ sensor and when I went and used each one, the difference was quite noticeable.

The RX100/B features a 1″ Exmor CMOS sensor which is much larger than most of its competitors at this price range.

Where this sensor truly shines is in low light situations, it is able to pick up a lot of details other cameras of the same caliber could not and because of this produces a superior image. The Mark 1 utilized the same sensor and much of the same internal technology as its brother the new Mark 4 (which has a $1,000 price tag). The RX100/B takes amazing photos, it is small, sleek, and can fit in your pocket. It is extremely user-friendly and has instructions built-in on how to use each feature. As well as being a technically sound camera it fits great in your hands and feels amazing. With open box deals being $488 for this camera at Best Buy it is hard to beat the RX100’s quality, anyone interested in a functional high quality point and shoot camera will definitely not be disappointed.

Best Point and Shoot camera (2) Sony HX90V. First off I have to say this camera has a sensor that is a 1/2.3″ Exmor CMOS which is less than half the size of the RX100, but once realize that, and start looking at the other attributes this camera has, it actually has a lot to offer. With the HX90V being 3 years newer it offers quite a few interesting and useful features the RX100 does not. Now lets take a look at the 18 megapixel HX90V and see how it compares. Lets start off with the body of the camera and what it has that the RX100 does not. The HX90V has a built on grip for one-handed use (and it works great), it features a view finder for more precise viewing before a shot. The touch LCD screen flips 180 degrees to preview your shot and works great for video recording. Internally this camera comes equipped with built-in WIFI which makes uploading photos much easier and also allows you to use your smart phone as a remote to control the camera. With 30x zoom the HX90V dwarfs the RX100‘s 3.6x zoom and makes for far better long distance shooting. Most of the other Internal technology in these two cameras is very similar (other than sensor size), they both shoot 1080p video quality and both feature a pop up flash. Overall the HX90V is a great camera, it is easy to use, it looks and feels great, and the amount of features packed into this small of a camera makes it very hard to pass up. If you are looking for something a little bit newer with a lot of cool bells and whistles this is definitely the best point and shoot camera for you.